Uphill pass shouldn’t be all or nothing

Although I am sad about the new fee for uphilling, I will be buying a season pass. Because I’m paying for it, I’ll probably uphill more often than I have in have in the past. And no, in response to another writer, I don’t spend $69 on breakfast in Aspen.

I do have a problem with no option for a day pass, however. I occasionally have friends visiting from elsewhere, especially early season when the backcountry isn’t ready, and an uphilling exercise is a good training option. Sixty-nine dollars for a day pass is pretty ridiculous. Come on, Skico, we aren’t Vail and are proud of it. Provide a $10 day option for occasional uphillers.

Please, readers, if you agree there should be a reduced price uphill pass, write Skico and the Forest Service. I have. Forest Service email form is SkiCo email is

Susan Rhea