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Updates from Aspen Thrift Shop

In answer to a most frequently asked question: We will follow Aspen Public School guidelines for re-opening. Though we are anxious to be back to work, we must wait until fall, at the earliest. The shop will reopen only when it is safe to do so without risking health of volunteers and customers.

In the meantime, we are still unable to accept donations. We are grateful that most community members have respected our gate closure and signage in the back of the shop. We want to remind those who just can’t resist leaving a few things in our alley that those donations create a burden, a risk, and increased expenses for the Thrift Shop. That is especially problematic, as we obviously have no income and intend to remain sustainable.

Sadly, we are also unable to give grants at this time. Current grant applications will be accepted and held until a later date.

The good news is, six Roaring Fork Valley high school seniors have been chosen to receive scholarships. Watch this space soon to learn the names of those exceptional and deserving students.

We continue to miss our many customers, donors, grant recipients, and supporters.

Sending best wishes to all for good health.

Respectfully …

The ladies of the Aspen Thrift Shop