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Unlike poser opponent, Mitsch Bush the real deal

Diane Mitsch Bush is a real fighter for our real problems.

The new candidate out of nowhere, who managed to topple Scott Tipton and is aiming to take on Diane Mitsch Bush, has learned quickly that all she has to do is sling the catch words of the right, guns, God and freedom, and use guns as a coded symbol to catch the attention of media.

C’mon, people, if you support her, go to her restaurant, eat her food, buy her merch if you like diced snakes, let her live her life.

But don’t give her your vote.

She wouldn’t let an oil rigger run her restaurant; why should we let her anywhere near our government?

Her website has no ideas for taking on the problems we face.

Diane Mitsch Bush knows the people of the CD3 from Pueblo to Steamboat, Glenwood Springs to Carbondale and Rifle. She knows the issues for agricultural workers, the health care needs of small town and rural voters, the changing job environment for places like Pueblo going from industrial to the new technology future.

She supports balancing those needs with taking care of the water, the forests, the open land, and private property concerns of our area.

She’s a fighter for our real rights, not pretend ones like the other candidate is shadow boxing with.

Charmaine Locke