Underhanded charges by Aspen restaurants

As an Aussie who ski-bummed here in 1987, and now many years later a part-time property owner/resident and a lover/promoter of all things Aspen, it is with particular sadness that I need to report the following.

Some restaurant staff are ripping visitors off with a concealed service charge, and it’s not cool.

We have about 34 people from Australia/Europe visiting with us at present and so far (me being present twice) on four occasions in three establishments, we have been given checks with a built-in service charge and no mention at all of this as the charge docket is handed over with a pen and one line awaiting infill for the tip then signature.

Our terrific waiter at the Onion made it abundantly clear that a charge had been pre-added to the bill for his service — when I told him of recent experiences he was well aware of the practice.

“Slimy” was his descriptor.

We all know that visitors to the U.S. are generally not trained to tip and a pre-added service charge assists us all.

However, stealing (let us be crystal clear on that) makes a mockery of both visitors and of the great service the swindlers have provided.

Three affected families including brother have left town uncaring abut the lack of snow but with an impression of our town of being one of takers.

This is not how we roll Aspen.

John Gilmour