Ukraine invasion parallels U.S. attack on Iraq |

Ukraine invasion parallels U.S. attack on Iraq

I can’t help but notice that the current invasion of Ukraine by Russia bears striking similarities to the unwarranted U.S. invasion of Iraq 19 years ago this Saturday (March 19).

The Russian people were lied to about the reason for Putin’s invasion, just as our leaders lied about the justifications for Bush’s attack on Iraq. Horrific scenes of destruction, dead bodies, and children maimed by bombs are being kept out of the Russian media, just as they were kept out of the U.S. media. Iraq war protesters in the U.S. were subject to arrest, as well as derision by the general public for their “treason.”

Yes, there are differences between the Ukraine war and the Iraq war, but not to the victims. The innocent Iraqi civilians who were maimed, lost loved ones, or were rendered homeless by U.S. bombs were no less deserving of our compassion than the Ukrainians. But 19 years ago, there was no worldwide cry of sympathy and support for the Iraqi people. Because that war was framed and carried out by “the good guys,” allegedly fighting evil terrorists.

But Russian citizens consider themselves “the good guys” also, and believe their military is fighting Nazis in Ukraine. So next time the U.S. prepares to destroy another country with justifications of being the force of good against evil, take a closer look at what’s really going on. You might be as surprised as the Russian citizens are going to be when they find out what really happened in Ukraine.

Sue Gray


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