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U.S. still great place for Jews, but anti-Semitism exists

After the massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue I was saddened and horrified by the needless loss of life that emerged from the hatred but I can’t be surprised by the report. Even when I was still living in Israel I could see the hatred that our family endures across the world on a daily basis. When I moved to America I just experienced it first hand instead of reading about it from back home. On average I endure a couple of anti-Semitic incidents but I think it’s a normal thing by now.

This is where I should go a bit politcal, but I can’t. Anti-Semitism is the unholy alliance that unites all under the political in common hatred. Anti-Semitism has persisted for centuries and (sadly) is an integral part of Jewish history. I would even attribute the first “fake news” to claims against Jews from the Middle Ages (blood libel, well poisoning) that still persist to this very day! It is such an ingrained mentality that it is present across all religions, races and creeds. America is still the best place for Jews (after Israel). When I traveled in Europe, I hid my identity. The day I have to do that in America will be my last day in the country.

I can’t blame anyone, just to say it’s normal. How normal? FBI hate crime statistic shows anti-Semitic crimes happen more often than all other religions combined, year after year. But I will leave on a positive note. Comparing our history with anytime or location the past, there is not a better time to be a Jew. The past is so dark and murky I can’t believe how bright our future is going to be.

Jonathan Ayalon


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