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U.S. fails on energy, Russia

The headlines in the paper blast that we must get to “net zero.” John Kerry doesn’t talk about the danger to the world of Russia invading Ukraine; instead he says to “please” pay attention to your carbon emissions when at war? While he flies in his private jet?

When the current administration shut down our energy independence, guess who we buy oil and gas from now? Russia. Guess who took over Crimea and Georgia when oil prices rose to over $100 per barrel? Russia.

So, America (we) is now paying Putin to invade other countries.

Solar and wind power will not “save” the world, but a scientific combination of oil and gas with the others really will save the world. By keeping America energy independent, we can avoid funding the bad guys to take over their neighbors — including our friends in Europe.

Colorado is sitting on natural gas, which, until the current administration, we exported to our friends. Everything America’s “leaders” are doing now with our energy sources is not only shutting down American jobs, but we are funding the bad guys.

Pictures of Pete Buttigieg with our local “leaders” who do not point this out shows we support the Russian invasion. Does any local have the cajones to write about this?

Please wake up.

Lorrie Winnerman


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