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Tyranny of the majority

Advocates for raising taxes to support Crown Mountain Park in El Jebel apparently think that a simple majority vote on May 8 should allow them to coerce all property owners into funding their dream of providing all things to all people, at someone else’s expense.

But neither I nor anyone I know is a dirt biker. Or a tennis player. Or a dog owner who lets his dog run around off-leash, leaving dogpiles hither and yon. (Actually I do know some of these, but they don’t bother to drive their dogs all the way to El Jebel for this purpose.) In fact, I don’t use this park at all. Nevertheless, I will be hit up for more than $60 a year if this ballot measure passes, in addition to what I pay already.

America didn’t used to be this way. New York’s vast Central Park, for example, was created and has been maintained largely by civic-minded philanthropists who formed conservancies and trusts. And when the park suffered neglect, more of these people stepped up.

But here and now, users of Crown Mountain Park want me picking cotton on their plantation.

Chad Klinger


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