Tucker Carlson has no spine unlike our military servicewomen

It seems that the limits of disgraceful public commentary know no bounds.

Tucker Carlson, who has never served a day in uniform, dares to criticize our superb military establishment — and the women in it.

Women who have served in combat, flown fighter jets, commanded in the field and captained ships. Women who manage logistics, training and communications. Women who participate in shaping defense policy and planning. Women, who alongside men, face danger and endure hardship.

Carlson and his type sit back in their cushy bunkers and never serve the public or the nation, let alone do so in the face of danger or discomfort.

Carlson should be ashamed and apologize to the service women and men that he has insulted. But don’t hold your breath, as cowardly bullies rarely make amends.

Jim DeFrancia