Try speed enforcement on 82 |

Try speed enforcement on 82

As a commuter on Highway 82, I often wondered when will the HOV signs come down. I was surprised to read that the Elected Officials Transportation Committee now wants enforcement. If you don’t know who the EOTC is, don’t feel badly. They appear to be elected officials who do not commute on Highway 82. If they did they would understand that the priority should be enforcing speed limits; 15 mph over is common.

To put it into perspective, 43,000 fatalities in the U.S. last year, a significant increase from 2021. Highway 82 has had its share of needless tragedy. If elected officials feel that there is taxpayers’ money available to enforce HOV compliance, it should go to law enforcement agencies to enforce speed limits to save lives and reduce traffic delays from avoidable accidents. With additional funds law enforcement agencies will no longer have any excuse for putting so little effort into meaningful speed control. They could invest in speed cameras and sit back and enjoy the flow of fine revenues.

Dan Walsh