Trump’s mishandling of pandemic has cost too many lives |

Trump’s mishandling of pandemic has cost too many lives

Donald Trump’s experience of having had and recovered from COVID-19 has absolutely no bearing on the experience of an average American. He was being tested on a regular basis, so his case was caught early. He did not have to find out how or where or what it might cost to have a test. He did not have to arrange for child care or take time off from work to try to get tested. He did not have to drive anywhere or wait in line, only to be told “we need to save the tests for people who really need them.”

Trump had access to the best doctors in the world. He was treated with multiple drugs, one of which is not available to you or me. The cost of his treatment and hospitalization, how he was going to pay for it, feed his family, or pay his rent never once had to cross his mind.

Regardless of what Trump’s propaganda machine is spewing, the facts don’t lie. Go to and see for yourself. We continue to be the country in the world where the most people are dying from COVID-19. This is intolerable. What has happened to our country?

We have lost more than 234,000 Americans. By comparison, 10,000 Canadians have died, 1,700 Japanese, 907 people in Australia, and 25 in New Zealand. Even in China, where the virus originated, only 4,600 have died. Unlike in the U.S., leaders of these countries enacted a cohesive, aggressive response to the pandemic.

Not only did Trump repeatedly lie to the American people and horribly mismanage the pandemic response, his politicization of this health issue has pitted us against each other. We so badly need someone in charge; an honest, empathetic leader who will give us the true facts, and lead us out of this mess.

Annette Roberts-Gray


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