Trump’s future is paved in ill-gotten gold |

Trump’s future is paved in ill-gotten gold

President Donald joked about having to leave the country if he loses the election. When he leaves Donald had better choose a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S.A. Because that will be the only way that he does not end up locked up behind bars. “Lock him up” sounds pretty good in that context.

Donald has several countries to choose from including Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, North Korea, and many others. My guess, however, is that the frontrunners are Russia and Saudi Arabia. Russia, because they are trying to do the same thing that Trump has been doing for four years, i.e. undermine the democracy of the United States. Plus, he and his family can sell Putin the top-secret information that he as president, and his family have garnered, and make loads of cash. And Saudi Arabia because he could dress up as a king and be best buddies with MBS the killer of Khashoggi, and live in the country that financed 9/11 and made his New York skyscraper taller.

But maybe his new handpicked Supreme Court justice, she who talks in tongues, will save him from having to move his gold-plated toilet to another country. After all he still has the option of his Trumpublicans fixing the election and denying the right to vote to millions of Democrats in his Trumpublican controlled states, and attacking mail-in ballots everywhere else.

Dick Hampleman