Trumpaloon: Stay shallow, Alison |

Trumpaloon: Stay shallow, Alison

Because in her column “America has become its own reality show” (Aspen Times, Commentary, May 18), Alison Margo has solicited my thoughts as a “Trumpaloon,” and because I enjoy her refreshingly candid confessions of what she fears may be shallow self-indulgence, I thought I’d respond.

First, stay shallow, Alison. Enjoy l’enfant, the dog, and your husband’s optimism. It’s the best thing you can do. Political activism ruins people — look at me, writing a letter that no one will read and for which I’m not getting paid.

As for your aversion to capitalism, instead of having the nation controlled by lobbyists and corporate interests, would you rather see it run by the leftists who now dominate academe and the Democrat Party base?

Marxist utopianism always comes at the point of a bayonet. If history hasn’t taught you that, then ponder the actions of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and the thugs shutting down free speech at Berkeley and commerce in downtown Portland. Democrats never condemn these movements, but only wink as if to say, “This is what capitalist America has coming to it.” Indeed, this is what’s coming to America, which is one reason Donald Trump got elected.

Regarding your fear of the nuclear unthinkable, Trump also has children, grandchildren, and a world that he built to protect: what makes him more apt to press the button than the mad hatters of North Korea or the mullahs of Iran, both of whom have been strengthened by previous administrations’ attempts to buy them off? If Trump chooses to wield a big mouth and a big stick, I’m comfortable with that.

I’m nearing my word limit, so I’ll leave you by saying that I’m now less worried about America’s welfare than I have been for decades.

Chad Klinger, Trumpaloon