Trump will make American even greater |

Trump will make American even greater

The following two issues are affecting our immediate daily lives.

COVID-19 issue:

Present Donald Trump has the full scope of experience dealing with the pandemic as day one and even recovered from the disease himself. The vaccines against the virus will be available in the very near future; therapeutic drugs are already available. All of these are due to his relentless hard work to his credit!

Former VP Joe Biden has absolutely no experience dealing with this virus but criticism while hiding in his basement. Biden’s only policy to deal with this virus is to shut down the whole country for a dark, gloomy and depressing future.

We choose people with experience to care for and do work for us like our doctors, auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. It is clear who is the experienced candidate to finish the fight against COVID-19.

Energy issue:

President Trump has made our country energy independent from our adversary OPEC and all of us are enjoying the low gas prices at the pump for our daily commute.

Former VP Biden and Barack Obama’s energy policy put us at the mercy of OPEC for importing foreign oil, as consequence the gas prices fluctuated widely and reached more than $4 per gallon.

Make your wise vote for our future!

C.C. Jacobson