Trump will keep America on right track |

Trump will keep America on right track

Putting aside emotions and personality, consider a fraction of the accomplishments of this president prior to the coronavirus.

•4.2 million people lifted out of poverty; results from major tax cuts, record job openings, massive deregulations making it easier to expand and hire.

•More Asians, African-Americans, Latinos, women working in recorded history.

• More money in decades for people in middle-income household; up $4,000-plus

•Revamped VA hospital system that actually cares about veterans.

•Reversed flow of jobs and businesses out of U.S.; more Americans are now finding fulfilling work. This is the result from significant new trade deals where previously the U.S. had lost billions.

•Soldiers returning home from pointless wars. Total defeat of the Islamic caliphate ending the horrors of ISIS barbarism and slavery.

•Historic peace treaty between Israel, Bahrain, UAE with more to join.

•“Opportunity Zones” successfully improving lives in depressed inner-cities.

•Prison reform allowing nonviolent criminals to rejoin society.

•Lowered drug costs; more deductions to come.

•“Right to Try” drugs for the terminally ill prior to FDA approval.

•Building border walls to slow human trafficking in children and women, stopping the flow of opioids, stopping and removing violent MS13 gangs. Taxpayers pay $116 billion annually for education and health care for illegal aliens while also paying for their crimes — 21.4%

•A badly depleted military has been rebuilt. “Peace Through Strength” is a deterrent to war.

This is a very short list of accomplishments by a president that endured endless, fabricated attacks — Russian collusion, the Mueller Investigation, an impeachment process and nonstop hostility and lies from the mainstream media. Our country is in a civil war. This election is a fork in the road. Left leads to a rapid embrace of socialism where there are no examples of a “happy people.” The right road leads to continued strengthening, cleansing of deep corruption and revitalization of a democratic republic as enshrined in the Constitution.

Camilla Sparlin

Pitkin County