Trump, the master of deflection |

Trump, the master of deflection

Trump, the master of deflection

I have greatly underestimated the vileness of Trump. And I have also underestimated the depths to which the Trumpster will sink to misdirect the attentions of the majority of Americans from the Russian investigations.

Obviously regarding the Russian investigations, there is a there there. Why else would he refuse to acknowledge that Russia tried to undermine our election, or why does he go to great lengths to never say anything negative about Russia?

For example, Russia expels hundreds of U.S. embassy personnel, and what does Trump do? He thanks Putin; go figure. I have noted, as I am sure that others have, that when the Russian investigation heats up and gets closer to Trump, he (Trump) creates a crisis to obfuscate the investigation into his Russian ties and bellows “fake news.”

When we are told that he goes “off script” as he did with North Korea, transgenders in the military, and more recently with the white supremacists, is his real goal misdirection? Is he really going “off script,” or is he playing us all for suckers and using smoke and mirrors to control the media and our focus?

Is he really despicable enough to use his chest-beating antics and the threat of nuclear war to cover his associations with Russia and keep himself from impeachment? I think he is.

Trump is a moral and spiritual coward of the first degree; his primary goals are to protect his fragile ego and his self-perceived greatness, and to do this he must squelch the Russian probe, as he has to focus Americans’ attentions in other directions.

I would not be surprised to see him fire, or try to fire, Mueller while Americans are fixating on his (Trump’s) latest babbles. I believe that America can survive Trump’s presidency, but only if we can come together and remove Trump from the presidency as soon as possible.

We cannot afford to wait until 2022 because by then it may be too late, and America may never be great again.

Richard Hampleman