Trump the illusionist |

Trump the illusionist

Donald Trump thinks he’s a miracle — he’s just a mirage.

A miracle? An “amazing event, marvelous example, act of God”?

Donald Trump anointed himself a wonder, a phenomenon, a sensation and wrapped himself in the gold of kings to show competitors that he was above them.

His recent comments calling himself “the chosen one” in The New York Times on Aug. 21 reveal his blatantly delusional self image.

He put himself in judgment of others by demeaning and disparaging aspiring business entrepreneurs on the “Apprentice.”

The people who are fascinated by his arrogant display, drawn to the bawdy performances, have bought into his projections of success and superlatives.

When making his entrance onto the stage of presidential hopefuls who wished to represent and lead this country, he led with a stomp in the face to other human beings with derisive, belittling commentary.

For these reasons, a large and growing number of voters has a deep aversion to him, his administration and their positions. Instead of inspiring and carrying the nation to a higher place, he drags us down to an uglier and increasingly hostile and dangerous place.

He is a mirage, created from the heat within this country. He’s a distortion, a misreading of the land. He is leading the country into the desert.

It’s time to recover what’s he stripped from this country, stop the carnage that he has wrought, drain the swamp that he’s created.

Charmaine Locke