Trump takes American to the gutter |

Trump takes American to the gutter

The discourse and lack of decorum during the first presidential debates was an embarrassment for the United States and a low point for American democratic ideals.

As I watched our impeached president constantly interrupt his opponent, I realized this was an absolute low point in American politics, that the lofty ideals of American governance were brought down these past three years in a steady demolition by the Trump administration.

The very nature of a debate is the free exchange of ideas to prove (usually) opposing sides of an issue. This first debate was devoid of procedure, decorum and dignity and fault for this can only be laid upon the unending interruptions from the president.

There were no true exchanges of ideas and ideologies, as the challenger was not given a chance to voice his opinions and the platform of his party. These ideas should have been able to be relayed. Joe Biden’s plan should have made it to the voters’ ears but because this president does not wish for anyone else to speak, the American people do not have the opportunity to hear other ideas, weigh their options and actually choose their own path.

To be fair, all the debates that Donald John Trump has been a part of have devolved into a schoolyard, name-calling free-for-all. His lack of impulse control is always on full display in these venues. Side note: I find lack of composure and control a detriment in a world leader.

I picture our allies and adversaries around the globe watching in shock and glee, respectively, as our president displayed all the dignity, composure and self-restraint of a 2-year-old. Debates are a give-and-take, and Trump showed the world he could not control himself. If this is how he performs in debates, how can you expect him to rise to a crisis?

I have seen all I need to see and I will reiterate my call — “It is time to end the Donald Trump experiment” — and crawl off the ledge of self-destruction.

Chris Vecchiarello


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