Trump should yield to the adults |

Trump should yield to the adults

We are seeing the total incompetence of Trump and his hand-picked yes men. Trump takes the podium and sounds like a ninth-grader, who is giving a verbal book report, who hasn’t opened the book and is faking his way through the whole thing. His press conferences are more like a Kim Jong Un speech than what I expect from the most powerful man in the world. He receives the false praises of his minions and puffs up on stage with the facial expression of a new age Mussolini. With every word he speaks we see that he is totally inept, and we watch the fear of the American people rise and the stock markets fall with every comment.

Trump needs to go play golf and take Pence with him and leave the running of the country to the grown-ups, intelligent professionals like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who understands the seriousness of coronavirus. Trump is concerned with only two things, his ego and his net worth. You can tell by the emotion he brings to the reading of his prepared speeches that he has zero empathy and does not give a damn about the people who are being affected by the pandemic. He is exactly what is expected of someone with narcissistic personality disorder.

Dick Hampleman


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