Trump should quit while he’s ahead |

Trump should quit while he’s ahead

I always wondered what GOP stood for. Now I know: “Greedy Old Politicians”. They are picking the average Americans clean.

I saw a bumper sticker on Highway 82 that said: “Impeach Trump”. That is pretty direct. How about a softer approach like, “Hey Donald Trump, it’s not your thing. Retire!”

Trump is up against the Robert Mueller investigation that promises to barbecue him, porn queen gate, potential loss of seats in the Congress this fall and the fat, little, rocket-man from North Korea. Trump and Pence are making Kim Jong Un and his sister look really good.

Trump has already made millions in tax cuts for himself and his family, so get out while you are ahead. When Mueller nails you, Mike Pence can give you a pardon. If things get really hot you could join Edward Snowden in Russia. That is assuming Russia is allowing immigration from the U.S.

Patrick Hunter