Trump puts himself above others |

Trump puts himself above others

Give me a break. In 2007, when the last Republican administration and their buddies in the stock market and financial institutions crashed the economy too the point where the entire world was leaning toward a depression, big business was forced to lay off thousands of hard-working taxpayers, many of whom lost their homes and/or businesses. Ironically, big business found out that they could make more profits with fewer employees. Lots of profit.

Now we have another bunch of like-minded and politically connected persons in charge, and they want to cut the taxes to their corporations with the arrogant statement that business needs the money to reinvest and jump-start the economy. Right now big businesses have the profits to jump-start the economy and are doing little. How is cutting their taxes going to help the little guy? What is their incentive?

They’re just going to take the taxes saved and put them in offshore accounts and America is left with even less. I really feel sorry for the dupes that voted for these people thinking they were really going to help the average American. They could care less. It’s all about the bottom line. The president himself could disprove everything by releasing his own corporate tax returns to show how terribly he is suffering.

Mr. President, how about issuing one of your presidential declarations stating that any and all gross taxes saved under your plan shall be directly reinvested in the United States infrastructure? Why not try doing something for others without thinking of yourself first? Then you might show signs of being presidential.

John P Ostwald