Trump/Pence create jobs across the board |

Trump/Pence create jobs across the board

How is it possible that 56% of Americans in a recent poll reported that they feel better off now than four years ago, despite the pandemic?

A recent study of U.S. Census data by a professor of finance at the University of Colorado helps explain this result. He notes that household median annual income (in 2019 dollars, to adjust for inflation) across all ethnicities increased significantly under the three and a half years of the Trump/Pence administration prior to the pandemic compared to the same statistic during the eight years of the Obama/Biden administration and that for Blacks and Hispanics the comparable statistic was more than double. Labeling the Trump/Pence administration a jobs machine, the professor attributes these astounding increases to the fact that so many new jobs were generated in the U.S. economy under Trump/Pence.

Frieda Wallison

Old Snowmass