Trump on thin ice |

Trump on thin ice

I am pleased by the current investigations into Russian ties with Trump surrogates because I can see it is a serious matter and could result in what we so desperately need: an impeachment. However, I really don’t see what the big deal is. It’s an open and shut case.

Donald Trump the candidate stood in front of the television cameras and blatantly called for the Russians to interfere with our election by hacking Clinton’s emails. That is a treasonable and impeachable offense. If George Washington the candidate had called for the British to interfere in our first election, he would have been hanged.

Administration claims that the investigations smack of McCarthyism are absurd. Roy Cohn, McCarthy’s hatchet man during the Red Scare, used to be an adviser to Trump and his father, and he advised them to fight the Justice Department fine for prejudicial rental practices. They didn’t listen. They paid the fine.

I do not blame the Russians for their interference. Turnabout is fair play. The CIA interfered on behalf of Putin’s opponent in their last election, just as they did on behalf of Netanyahu’s opponent in Israel.

Keep your eye on FBI Director Comey. He threw dirt on Clinton and was heavily criticized for it. He may make amends by throwing some Trump’s way. He is a Republican, but, like many Republicans, I don’t think he is a Trump supporter and he is a law enforcement professional.

Fred Malo Jr.


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