Trump nothing but a con artist |

Trump nothing but a con artist

Just listen to Donald’s words when asked, “Will you accept the outcome of the election?”

“Only if I win.”

Trump is wannabe Putin with an orange comb-over. Donald has much in common with his love buddy Vlad. Putin has a long track record of election fraud, while Donald is just a beginner.

Putin’s Parliament proposed constitutional changes to reset term limits and make Vlad president until 2036 (life). Putin did not need voters to support his appointment. He had a rigged Parliament, followers in regional government and a court packed in his favor to control the electoral process. Sounds familiar. Donald wants a similar outcome. But he wants to usurp the Constitution of the United States, undermine the popular vote, and rig the Electoral College by using various state governors and Trumpublican legislators to intercede over the popular vote. Donald’s goal is remaining president and to continue to disgrace the highest office in the land at any cost. Donald’s goals which are applauded by Trumpubicans and Republicans are to make our America an authoritarian kleptocracy.

For 240 years Americans have fought for and died for our democracy. In less than four years their sacrifices have been belittled and undermined by a base and evil man.

His followers look the other way not even knowing that “we have met the enemy and he is us” (Pogo).

Dick Hampleman