Trump is the anti-Obama |

Trump is the anti-Obama

I have been trying to make some sense out of the decisions made by President Donald Trump. I listened the other day to Trump describing Iran as a very nice country. What? That is the opposite of everything he has said and done up to date. Here’s my “theory that explains everything.”

President Barack Obama absolutely skewered Trump at a White House Correspondents’ dinner. And then Obama roasted him; well done. The whole room was laughing their heads off. Except Trump. I saw the speech; Obama was killing it. Trump was not enjoying a skinny, black college professor, lawyer, former senator and current president and Nobel Prize winner lording over him. The steam was coming out of his ears. Pay backs? You might remember Trump constantly yelling about the Obama birth certificate and being a Muslim from Kenya.

So what has Trump done since taking office? Everything Obama did, Trump has reversed, or tried to. For starters, Trump says his inaugural crowd was bigger than Obama’s, even though the photos show otherwise. But for John McCain’s vote, Trump was killing “Obama Care.” The Justice department has now filed suit to kill Obamacare. Trump pulled the plug on the Paris Peace Accords. Trump denied global warming. Obama put in restrictions on coal burning power plants. Trump is reversing all the Obama EPA changes requiring better air and water and is celebrating “clean coal.” Where Obama increased the size of western parks and wildlands, Trump is reversing those decisions.

Notice that whenever there is a new problem, the first answer is Obama should have fixed it. It is always Obama’s fault.

So now when I want to know what Trump will do next, I just ask: What would Obama have done? Trump will do the opposite. “Hell hath no fury like a (president) scorned.”

Patrick Hunter