Trump is a clueless, spiteful cheater

John Lewis stands as an honorable, important figure in U.S. social history and politics, a man who has walked the walk in the struggles for black American civil rights and paved the way for greater freedoms and enfranchisement for other oppressed groups. One would be hard-pressed to find even a few righteous American politicians (and certainly no tycoons) of equal stature who actually represent what so many “patriotic” Americans rhetorically claim is the best of the United States: the pursuits of freedom, equality and democracy.

In vivid contrast, Donald Trump represents the worst of the new breed of gaudy, insatiable predator-capitalist Americans, a greedy, intellectually stunted, self-important/absorbed/serving, excessive materialist who fully believes he is entitled to what he has stolen, cheated and scammed.

Trump’s duplicitous business practices (e.g., tax evasion, non-payments to workers, outsourcing, and capitalizing on selling worthless Trump U degrees) and skanky personal behavior reflect the workings of a diseased mammon and abuser of power.

The recent dust-up between Lewis and Trump in which Lewis discounts Trump’s legitimacy as president-elect reveals what many people have come to recognize: Trump is categorically illegitimate, for a host of reasons that extend beyond the Russian interference with the presidential election that Lewis highlights. Trump’s feeble response that Lewis is “all talk … and no action” and baseless condemnation of Lewis’ congressional district demonstrate the continued thoughtlessness of a seriously clueless and spiteful person with no sense of reality and no respect for an actual champion of U.S. democracy (look up Lewis’ past), yet more evidence of Trump’s illegitimacy and wack temperament.

One can sense that Trump’s ill-considered thoughts, words, and actions — whether demeaning U.S. political luminaries, belittling the men and women working in U.S. intelligence agencies, cozying up to Russia, supporting an aggressive apartheid Israeli state, or blustering with China and Iran — will inevitably doom his presidency and jeopardize the well-being of the nation.

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs