Trump hate is well-founded

Camilla Sparlin suggested if we hate Donald Trump we must hate good things (“Hating Trump means you hate good things,” The Aspen Times, Oct. 21).

1. Tax cuts primarily benefit the wealthy and corporations. Tax cuts created a huge federal budget deficit (2018 deficit, $779 billion, up 17 percent).

2. On the North Korea issue, listen to former Asst. Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs Chris Hill.

3. Unemployment rates among minorities started falling long before Trump took office.

4. The GDP figure you are referring to is second quarter 2018 (4.2 percent). First quarter of 2018 was 2.2%. The 2017 annual GDP was 2.5 percent, the second quarter GDP for 2014 was 5.1 percent (Source: statista 2018). A tax policy stimulus during a strong economic cycle leaves fewer policy options when economy cycles down.

5. Trump administration continued Veterans Choice Program started in 2014. (Source:

I don’t support a president who lies to his base. I don’t support a president who tries to sow divisions among Americans. Please consider a little critical thinking and due diligence by looking at all sides. Do not blindly follow the Pied Piper.

Paulina Vander Noordaa