Trump has got this |

Trump has got this

In response to Dick Hampleman’s letter “Trump should yield to the adults” (March 26,, I’ll say that I, too, wince every time I listen to our president’s ungrammatical, rambling, repetitive and circular manner of speaking. But if I judged people mostly by their command of the mother tongue and practiced oratory, I’d be a lonely and bitter person indeed.

Trump’s obvious foil is Barack Obama, the left’s well-schooled and carefully groomed Manchurian Candidate — much like the current pope, although Francis can be said to be articulate only as a practitioner of “weaponized ambiguity” about the principles of the Catholic faith. Obama was facile in rhetorical elegance and “bon mot,” but was otherwise perceived by many of us as an empty suit sitting in what Clint Eastwood depicted as an empty chair.

I don’t know how Mr. Hampleman defines “adult,” but if I have to choose between style and substance (a record of actual achievement), I’ll vote with the uncouth “Deplorables” every time. Trump is the guy who will get us through this.

Chad Klinger

Snowmass Village