Trump extremists crossed the line

After spending this last week digesting, regurgitating and agonizing over the events of (Jan. 6), I am reminded of what my veteran father would have done.

No matter where one’s political persuasions lay, our fathers and mothers and elders fought for and gave their lives for preserving this nation and its democratic symbols and institutions. What we witnessed was an abhorrent trampling of these ideals by a fringe-right, selfish bunch who profess to be the keepers of those ideals.

I may not agree with everything Black Lives Matter, college radicals, antiwar protesters, etc., but I have never heard of those groups stampeding over the red line of trying to destroy the very institutions that form the United States. I wonder if Congresswoman Lauren Boebert appreciates what our parents did for us? Sounds like somebody needs to be taken out behind the shed and taught a “civics lesson”!

Howard Moglewer