Trump, evangelicals don’t speak for all Christians |

Trump, evangelicals don’t speak for all Christians

Christianity Today showed a lot of courage in calling out President Trump. As a Christian, I am appalled that evangelicals have turned so against the teachings of Jesus that they would support an unrepentant lying, cheating, narcissistic and corrupt individual in order to gain some power.

They do not represent Christians. In fact, Tennessee is the only state in which they are a majority of Christians. In every other state they are a minority. And yet their spokesmen would have us believe that evangelicals speak for all Christians and that Christians on the left, for some reason, want to take religion out of our society. This is so absurd! I cringe every time I hear one of them say that Trump has been anointed by God. Says who? It’s time the rest of Christians started speaking up and saying that they will not be defined by these people. Thank you, Christianity Today, for speaking out.

Jessica Fullerton