Trump could take lesson from Australian PM |

Trump could take lesson from Australian PM

Maurice Emmer and other Aspen Donald Trump supporters may want to consider the disastrous impact their candidate has had on the local economy. As they sit through a summer without any of the usual festivities as well as the unlikely opening of skiing next winter or football this fall, they might contemplate the success of a true conservative leader Down Under.

Australia is led by a very conservative prime minster who admires Donald Trump, Scott Morrison. Yet Australia has had only 7,257 confirmed cases and 102 deaths. The effort to contain the virus has allowed it to open.

Australia succeeded where the Untied States failed because Morrison’s government treated the pandemic as a crisis. A critic of the science of global warming, Morrison consulted scientists and then acted on their views. The views of the state’s premiers were sought to plan national action. Equally surprising, the government worked with all parties and included the detested trade unions to craft a stimulus program acceptable to all sides. The prime minster even went so far as to say, “There are no more unions or bosses. There are just Australians now.”

Imagine the situation here today had President Trump moved quickly in late January or early February to address the pandemic. Suppose he had reached out to scientists, governors and mayors to address the issue. Think of the situation the United States would be in had the president brought Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnel to the White House to craft a national program. Suppose he had said there are “just Americans now.”

Had he acted, Aspen might be looking forward to an active summer. Had he acted, the 2020-21 ski season might not be threatened.

We needed leadership. We did not get it.

Philip Verleger


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