Trump, Boebert both unfit to serve


What we witnessed Wednesday was an American civics lesson!

President Donald Trump incited a MAGA insurrection riot on our state capitol, while a joint session of Congress, Senate and House, debated objections to ratify our President-elect Joe Biden’s certification.

Congress was evacuated as chaos, destruction, and four deaths ensued within the Halls of Congress. Trump scurried to his TV and watched his coup attempt. Apparently, he was pleased with the destruction playing out.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Rifle) praised the white supremacist, Qanon, Proud Boys, homegrown national terrorists for the coup attempt.

She may speak for the backwater, angry, uneducated fringe citizens of Colorado, but she does not speak for the hard-working, principled majority, who love our state. Shame on Lauren Boebert! She is unfit to represent Colorado in our United States Congress.

Much damage can be done in the last 13 days of Trump’s presidency. At this point, invoking the 25th Amendment is imperative.

Holly McLain