Trump beats COVID-19 and press doesn’t care |

Trump beats COVID-19 and press doesn’t care

Do you think that the press would report good news about the COVID-19 pandemic? I don’t and here is why. DOnald Trump just beat COVID-19 with the use of the drug Regeneron. This would normally be considered great news for either side of the aisle.

We might not have to wear masks in the near future! But no, the press focuses on how many new cases there are and they report them as if you get COVID-19, you are going to die! It is clear that the press will not report good news if it thinks it will benefit Trump. Not only is this morally wrong, it has set a dangerous precedent for our country. The real story in our country today is that the mainstream media can’t be trusted and everybody should be looking elsewhere for the real news.

John Eaton