Trump apt to wag the dog |

Trump apt to wag the dog

Beware of a manufactured war in Iran for the election cycle.

The Constitution stipulates that war is declared by Congress. Not since World War II has Congress declared war. Presidents start wars. Not since 2003 has Congress authorized the use of military force. The president is the commander-in-chief of the military. This was intended to be once Congress had declared war. Since the Korean War, those presidential powers have been assumed by the president in the absence of a declaration of war.

It is a lot easier to get into a war than it is to get out of one. Presidential lies have engaged the United States in wars. Donald Trump has demonstrated his willingness to lie to the world. Trump is laying the groundwork for a war with Iran. He is increasing forces in the theater. The president can declare a national state of emergency basically for anything. All he has to do is declare it and enter it in the National Registry. He has already declared a state of emergency for immigration. The president has over 120 emergency powers beyond the power of Congress to control. Trump has used executive orders to enact policy that Congress would not have.

Democracy is at risk. If Trump declares a national state of emergency during the election, democracy in the United States will be suspended. A fabricated incident with Iran can destroy our democracy. There are numerous examples of questionable incidents leading to war. To wit, the Gleiwitz incident by German covert forces against a Polish radio station that led to war, or the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the Vietnam (undeclared) war.

Beware. Be vigilant. Be warned.

Ward Hauenstein