Triggered by mask violators

Do I need to apply for a concealed carry to enforce that people use masks? That’s the Western way, isn’t it? Somebody is threatening your life with their irresponsible behavior; you’re the law and you shoot them. That was the first thought which zoomed through my stay-at-home mind when I read that our constabulary would not enforce the mask ordinances of either the county or the city.

Now I’m a peacenik, EV-driving old fart and if all I can see is the OK Corral with Lauren Boebert’s wait staff vs. the wild women of Aspen Valley Hospital, then the oxygen is getting really, really thin in Fat City. Yes, I’ll bet on the hospital staff any day. They know exactly where to shoot.

Is this equivocation on enforcement all due to lawyering and liability? Was the lawyer named Thanos? Tall guy? Big chin?

Dear sheriff and police departments, protect and serve. Please.

Ziska Childs