Tree Farm proposal will push midvalley’s capacity |

Tree Farm proposal will push midvalley’s capacity

I have not been opposed to development in the mid Roaring Fork Valley. I am not opposed to the Crawford’s development which will offer real affordable housing. I was not opposed to Willits and to Shadowrock. However, I am opposed to the Tree Farm proposal. The current developments and already approved developments will result in the midvalley reaching or exceeding its carrying capacity.

The Tree Farm is touted as transit-oriented. Every residence there will have a vehicle, if not two. They will be used. This is like the city of Denver being convinced by developers that new developments don’t need parking because they will be neighborhood communities and cars won’t be needed. No one can now find parking in those “neighborhoods.” This is the similar scam the Tree Farm applicant are proposing for transit. Already, traffic is backed up traffic light to traffic light during the morning and evening commutes.

It really is old school to think that more development is going to solve the problems already created by development. The stubborn view that continuous development will only provide second homes for retirees and people wanting to have vacation homes close to Aspen instead of opportunities for younger voice is born by experience.

Gerald R. Terwilliger