Treatment of Owens falls squarely on Owens |

Treatment of Owens falls squarely on Owens

Pitkin County has had four COVID-19 deaths during the whole pandemic! Currently about 80% vaccinated. Real estate market is up about 30% in the past year because this is such a safe place to live.

Thing is, we love the danger. We come down that mountain on skis, snowboards, and bikes as fast as we can. We want to do it today, tomorrow and the next days after that too! So we always do it as safely as possible for ourselves and for anybody else who happens to be close by.

If you are unsafe with your dangerous activity to the point that you endanger and/or put someone else at risk, we will try to have a civil discussion with you because we want you to listen up and hopefully understand a safer way to behave.

Candace Owens does not deserve a civil discussion from anyone who lives here about being safe for others, period. Her undeniable history of continually putting many others at risk sets up the consequence for the way she is and will be treated here.

Patrick Oliver

Snowmass Village