Treasuring our pets

Big thank you to you, Tony Vagneur, for sharing your heart-full journey with your beloved Topper in Saturday’s Aspen Times (“Dog’s life goes too quick but leaves lasting memories,” commentary).

I am sure it was a difficult journey to share and I appreciate you sharing it very much. I like to share with anyone who cares — the philosophy I carry with me — regarding my precious dogs Lily and Luci and any future pets. When that sad day comes for my constant companions, I want to be able to say to myself in comfort, I have given them much joy every single day of their lives, sharing my time unselfishly with thousands of daily steps as my counter would tell me, many special treats and hugs and kisses.

As Tony reminds us, a dog’s life is short. None of us have the ability to know how long a life we get to have together. Be giving with your time for there are limited joys they get to experience in their short lives. Remember that having any animal is a privilege.

Natalie Blanchard