Travel affidavits repel Aspen tourists |

Travel affidavits repel Aspen tourists

Dear Pitkin County decision makers:

My personal experience with the travel affidavit is as follows: American Airlines does not have it on its booking site. However, United Air does and when I called the “premier” desk, they did not know about it or how to access it.

So, when my clients, friends and relatives bought tickets to Aspen on United, they all called me truly freaked out — should they cancel their trip because of this threat? There was not even a place on the affidavit to say if you had the antibodies, already had the disease, were vaccinated, etc., and you’ve done such a great job that anyone not from here calls me to say they hear Aspen is overrun with COVID-19 so they are booking other ski resorts.

Are you kidding?

The worst part is that you are supposed to be representing the local working people of Pitkin County, and somehow you are doing everything possible to keep them from making an honest living. And, how about welcoming people to our town?

I am extremely saddened by your behavior and truly cannot figure out your purpose except to exert your unchallenged power. In case you missed it, COVID-19 is down over 70% in America, vaccinations are protecting thousands of citizens in the valley, hospitals are empty, and there are numerous “therapies” that are vetted just like when your mothers gave you the newest drug, Penicillin.

Please, go deep within your hearts to help your friends who do not have jobs like yours that pay consistently whether you work or not.

This is not a joke. Thank you.

Lorrie Winnerman


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