Transfer problems at the Intercept Lot |

Transfer problems at the Intercept Lot

My wife and I regularly travel down valley from Snowmass on Roaring Fork Transportation Authority BRT busses.

The service is excellent, the drivers skilled and invariably friendly, courteous and helpful, but one thing mystifies us. We cannot figure out why, when the Snowmass bus arrives at the Highway 82/Brush Creek interchange, the downvalley bus too frequently drives off without waiting to see if there are any connecting passengers on the incoming Snowmass bud. I realize the BRT busses run on tight schedules, but surely the object of running the service is to move passengers rapidly along the valley corridor thereby reducing the need to use private vehicles. This being the case, waiting a few seconds to determine if there are connecting passengers coming in from Snowmass makes good sense and should be mandatory and not left to driver discretion, though it must be stated that some drivers do on their own initiative wait to see if there are connecting passengers. For those readers who don’t know it, the various busses arrive at the Intercept Lot generally within a few seconds of each other.

Similarly it is frustrating when arriving at the interchange from downvalley on the BRT to see the Aspen-Snowmass bus departing almost simultaneously with the upvalley BRT’s arrival, before the driver has checked to see if there are connecting passengers. This should, in my view, be mandatory and not left to the discretion of individual drivers.

So may good sense and pragmatism prevail. Fixing this issue is not rocket science,

Ian Sanderson

Snowmass Village