Trail lovers should vote for 7A

Trail lovers should vote for 7A

Imagine for a moment riding your bike or walking through South Canyon on a safe, separated path next to the Colorado River. Perhaps you are heading to the 3 miles of new flow trail built by the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association in South Canyon. Or maybe your family is headed to the Storm King Firefighter Memorial Trail in Canyon Creek. Or you are just out for a mind-clearing walk with your dog, taking in the sunset over the Grand Hogback. What a gift it would be to traverse this geologic gem at a slower pace than 65 miles per hour.

If you like this vision, then vote “yes” on 7A, which will provide dedicated funding for trails in our valley communities. If approved, the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority will have the resources to provide the crucial local matching funds needed to leverage a large-scale federal grant to complete the LoVa Trail through South Canyon. The time is now to prepare for the upcoming 2020 federal grant cycle, and the LoVa Trail is on track to be shovel-ready and poised to compete for funding.

A vote for 7A is a vote for more safe, separated trails for your family and community. Get on board with RFTA.

Jeanne Golay

Glenwood Springs