Traffic solution for Carbondale intersection? |

Traffic solution for Carbondale intersection?

Since the traffic leaving Carbondale crossing the bridge at Highway 133 and Highway 82 can often be maddening, I would humbly like to submit a potential solution.

While sitting in the traffic one afternoon getting ready to turn right on 82 and head upvalley toward Aspen, I looked to my right and realized that the sidewalk along the edge of the bridge seemed wide enough to create a right-turn lane along the entire length of the bridge (with adjustments made to the median, etc.) and could stretch back far enough to begin at the Cowen Center gas station. A pedestrian bridge could run alongside.

I’m not an engineer and I don’t know the weight limit for the bridge or the cost of such a project, but with all the new construction taking place on 133 in Carbondale, the traffic is probably not going to get much better any time in the near future. Thank you.

Rick Holtz