Touching up Aspen |

Touching up Aspen

Dear Aspen City Council,

I’m understanding the complexity of city government and my gratitude for your efforts has grown.

Since you are going to improve the pedestrian corners of Spring and Cooper, which is a great idea, and put up three blocks of living lab for worthwhile safety/efficiency improvements on Galena and one block of Cooper, I humbly ask for your support to include the 600 east block of Cooper in this summer’s living lab. The difference between three or four blocks is minimal and it makes sense to do it efficiently all at once.

Make that block one-way east joining the current one-way block of Cooper; it’s a dangerous block for bicycles. Remove those two or three public parking spaces on the northwest corner that are in front of Chateau Aspen for the beginning of that block’s counter-flow bicycle lane; then where Chateau Aspen needs access to their three private spaces, you can meander the bicycle lane over a bit to allow for parallel parking. I’d keep the angle parking in front of Aspen Square. That block being one-way east means taxis and vans delivering guests to check in will go south on Hunter, which gives the best view of the gondola, and you know you have arrived in Aspen when you see the gondola.

I am not giving up on raised mini-urban gardens xeriscaped with native perennial hummingbird and butterfly friendly perennials for safety and aesthetic reasons. It is good to cultivate place. A raised garden placed on the former westbound lane on the east end of that block between the new bike lane and the center line of Cooper works well. A raised garden, like 2 feet, is obvious, and obviousness brings greater safety.

Please, express your support to the engineering department. It can be done and I want to see more hummingbirds there before I die.

Tom Mooney