Torre’s record shows he’s qualified |

Torre’s record shows he’s qualified

Torre has a proven record and experience for protecting the environment, reflecting community values of historic preservation and character and being financially conservative with public funds.

While I previously supported Ann Mullins and Art Daily, these incumbents just voted their intention and they will construct two huge dams in our wilderness areas on Maroon Creek and Castle Creek. How much future growth can Aspen support in this small town? Aspen’s population has not substantially changed in 40 years. Torre, on the other hand, opposes dams and has previously legislated coherent growth and sustainable environmental polices.

Mullins and Daily have failed on many fronts, whereas Torre has a proven record of fiscal responsibility. Mullins and Daily do not.

Mullins and Daily wanted to build a 51,000-square-foot City Hall and abandon the historic City Hall at the Armory for uncommitted other uses. Wisely, the remainder of council later decided to reduce the need for new square footage on the plaza and remodel the existing Armory office space for continued city office use.

Mullins and Daily proposed to lease the old art museum, the Power House building, at below-market rates to a for-profit brewery. With public outcry it now stands empty while the city decided to lease out offices in the Mill Building, spending millions. They had available to them the empty Power House lease free. Torre would have been more fiscally responsible.

Most recently, the Hotel Aspen was approved by increasing its height another 4 feet and allowing a demolished historic front, just after Mullins and Daily congratulated themselves on a new commercial core 28-foot height limit. Land-use codes and town character seem to matter little to Mullins and Daily. Torre has a proven record of maintaining Aspen historic character and seeing the broad picture. He does what he says he is going to do, instead of flip-flopping.

Torre represents the community in its values and needs for the future. Vote for Torre for City Council. He has a proven record.

Junee Kirk


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