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Torre cares


Torre cares

Dear Editor:

As election season is upon us, I am compelled to write in support of Torre for mayor.

I have been living and working in Aspen since 2001 and have known Torre a greater part of those years. He has consistently proven himself dedicated to selfless leadership as evidenced by his many years on City Council.

As a downtown business owner, I have foud Torre as the only candidate who I discuss issues with: parking, construction, and challenges we face … and not just when he is campaigning!

Ever since I opened my business four years ago, Torre has been giving us positive support and encouraging us over those hurdles. I know that no other candidate is downtown talking to businesses more than Torre. He is working hard for affordable, start-up, and locally serving businesses.

In following civic issues with the City Council, I find Torre’s viewpoints and solutions to be the most practical and I know he will work hard to increase business for all of us, big and small.

Elect Torre 2013!

Michelle Weeks