Today in Earth Day! |

Today in Earth Day!

I personally am grateful that we actually take at least one day a year to celebrate our beautiful Earth. And I also find it absolutely ridiculous that we don’t honor our Mother Earth every single day for all she so generously contributes to us.

The way we live on the Earth today is really harsh for her and all of her life-giving, life-supporting systems that allow humans, animals, plants, air, water and trees to live here. The way we are educated at least in the United States about life on our Earth Mother does zero to foster an awareness of connectedness, gratitude or communion.

Each of these three being ways in which we can feel the gentle loving energy the Earth is providing for us in each moment. Like hearing the birds sing, feeling a soft breeze caress your skin or feeling the energy of the earth supporting and nurturing your every step or eating your favorite fruit.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself when was the last time, excluding today ,that you simply were aware of how much Earth provides for you and actually stopped and thanked her.

And if you were aware of how much she provides you, were you not in absolute awe that everything you have from what you eat, to what you wear, to what you breathe or bathe in, every single activity you partake in all comes because of her unconditional giving for you to have any of those experiences.

Our modern education is completely devoid of teaching us about literally the single most important connection we have on an everyday basis. The Earth is our home and we have forgotten to be grateful and thank her every day.

The Native cultures in America and all around the world, the ones who we have been taught in our education system to see as “primitive, savage or uncivilized” are the very ones who are the most advanced, aware and connected to truly knowing that the Earth is to be celebrated every single day. They are the ones who know the true value of abundance. As they live in a way that honors the Earth daily for everything she is, everything she shares with and provides for them and acknowledge that the Earth Mother is a living, breathing being who sustains life for all. Because without her nothing would exist here.

Today we have put it on our calendars to celebrate Earth Day. But I am wanting to take this further because the way we actually treat the earth on a daily basis is actually deplorable. We rape her resources daily, poison her waters and her air, we poison her food systems and cut down her trees, we inject her young with poisons and then feed them more poison when they get sick, we trample her beauty and we kill her wildlife because we have come to believe that the human species is the most important and intelligent above all others.

Are we that intelligent if we are continuously killing that which gives us life? We have been taught this is the way we live and yet it makes zero common sense. Even children will tell you that we must protect and nurture our Earth and all life upon her.

So today, as we celebrate Earth Day, I ask one simple question:

Would you be willing to continue this celebration for the next 365 days and then for the rest of your life and celebrate Earth Day everyday?

Allecia Evans

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