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Tired of Eagle-Vail’s influence on midvalley

Thank you, Paul Andersen, for your column in Monday’s paper about the impending gridlock coming to the valley in the not-too-distant future because of a couple of Eagle County commissioners who have no ties to the Roaring Fork Valley (“Midvalley is condemned to gridlock,” Nov. 27, The Aspen Times).

As for me, I smell a rat in Eagle County government.

Raul Gawrys and Cathy Merkel were both more than qualified to serve as Roaring Fork Valley planning commissioners. I believe they were both unceremoniously dumped from their volunteer positions because of their opposition to the mammoth Tree Farm project.

It’s becoming pretty obvious if you don’t tow the pro-growth company line of Eagle County, they will find somebody who will.

Eagle County Commissioner Jill Ryan, who voted for the Tree Farm, said they were looking for more diversity on the commission. Jill, your definition of diversity and mine don’t exactly coincide with each other.

In closing, anyone else sick and tired of a bunch of people from Eagle-Vail thinking they have the right to decide what the future of the midvalley will look like? I guess I’m a little naïve, but wouldn’t it be nice if the people who actually live here were able to make these decisions.

Tom O’Keefe

El Jebel