Tipton’s love for vets misleading

On Jan. 12, Rep. Scott Tipton sent out an email in which he said “I remain committed to serving our nation’s veterans.” Additionally, at the club 20 debate, Tipton began by praising our veterans. One would hope that, with this kind of rhetoric, he would support these brave men and women. His voting record, however, says otherwise. Tipton voted for a bill that reduced health coverage for 70,000 veterans, as well as voting against bills that would have reduced the backlog of veterans disability claims, as well as reducing funding for PTSD and suicide prevention. His opponent, on the other hand, is fighting to reduce health care costs, which will aid our nation’s brave heroes. Clearly, Tipton does not share our American values, and I hope that the third district elects Diane Mitsch Bush as our representative.

Marcus Breman