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Tipton won’t make time for us

Last week I called the D.C. office of Rep. Scott Tipton. I’ve made hundreds of calls to his office and many other reps throughout my lifetime. This time, however, I met with hostility from the aide who answered the phone, a first-time experience for me.

I began by saying I had Googled as well as searched Tipton’s website, Twitter and Facebook pages, for his position on the Trump-Flynn-Russia debacle and asked if Tipton had taken a stand.

The aide immediately came back with, “Why should he take a stance when Flynn has already resigned? Where were you when Obama did …”

I responded that I was the constituent and was calling about the here and now, Obama isn’t the president, and that Sen. Cory Gardner had made a statement. I asked that Tipton consider joining calls for an independent bipartisan select committee outside of Congress to investigate the Russia connections.

The aide got loud and asked, “Why would you ever want an investigation outside of Congress? Don’t you trust them to do their job?”

I responded, “No!” and that I thought they had enough on their plates trying to figure out policy and legislation and that we needed people like a Sandra Day O’Connor, as one example, heading up a 9/11 Commission-style investigation to get answers now. He had a few more assertions based on things I knew to be untrue, but then took down my name and zip code.

As I requested the aide’s name, he hung up without answering or any kind of indication he considered the call over.

I find this particularly offensive since Tipton has held no town halls in almost a year. In searching his website, there are no town halls scheduled. I realize that Tipton has one of the largest districts in America, but that is all the more reason to be talking to citizens, especially those who are stewards of the water that flows west and of the mountains which provide rich recreation and economic drivers for the state.

When will you meet with us, Rep. Tipton? You are our representative after all, though 2018 is right around the corner.

Kim Doyle Wille

El Jebel

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