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Tipton town hall/campaign rally

I got a call from an aide to Third District Congressman Scott Tipton recently inviting me to join a telephone town hall. First, the aide inquired as to what question I would like to ask the congressman. My question was this:

Given the massive amounts of money oil and gas has contributed to your campaign, how can we expect you to pass any legislation that would do anything about scientifically proven, man-made climate change and the detrimental effects of drilling and fracking on public health and safety as verified by medical professionals?

Guess what. My question was never asked. Instead, Tipton was tossed a lot of softballs like “Thank you for your service” (He’s not in the military, for Lord’s sake) and questions like “When are we gonna see some more oil and gas jobs around here?” “What’re you gonna do about all these illegal aliens coming into the country?” and “Why are you allowing Obamacare to cause my insurance premiums to be too high?”

When this town hall/campaign rally was finished, the aide said I could hang on the line and leave a voicemail, which I could do with a regular phone call. I repeated my question. How much you wanna bet the aide hit the “end call” button as soon as he heard the first few words and I’ll never get another call from these people inviting me to join a town hall again? Just like Donald Trump’s aides, these toadies are paid to protect the boss from criticism.

My advice to Diane Mitsch Bush, Tipton’s opponent in November: Have a real town hall with real people asking unfiltered questions. If somebody asks a question that indicates they may not agree with your position, do your best to address their concerns.

Fred Malo Jr.